Pinceladas Sonoras

Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli (Kompositionen und Gitarre), José Luis Ruiz del Puerto (Gitarre), Josep Lluís Galiana Gallach (Saxophon), Luis Fernández Castelló (Klarinette), Antonio Galera López (Klavier)

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Kammermusikalische Kompositionen von Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli für Gitarre solo, Gitarre mit Saxophon, Gitarre mit Klarinette, Klarinette solo und Gitarre mit Klavier.

TT 60:27 Min., Best.-Nr. pT-1072, GTIN (EAN) 4250523310728, VÖ primTON 2013


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Sánchez Benimeli: Pinceladas Sonoras - pT-1072

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  • Sánchez Benimeli: Pinceladas Sonoras - pT-1072
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  • Um 15 Uhr (A las 15 horas/ At 15 o'clock) für Sopran-Saxophon und Gitarre:
    I. Verabredung (Cita/ Appointment)
    II: Treffen (Encuentro/ Meeting)
    III. Friede (Paz/ Peace)
    IV: Streit (Riña/ Fight)
    Josep Lluís Galiana Gallach (Saxophon), José Luis Ruiz del Puerto (Gitarre)

  • Suite Melódica (Homenaje a Andrés Segovia) für Gitarre:
    I. Introducción
    II. Canto-Llamada
    III. Marcha fúnebre - Danza ritual
    José Luis Ruiz del Puerto (Gitarre, I./II.), Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli (Gitarre, III.)

  • Der in unsere Zeit zurückgekehrte Troubadour (La visita del Trovador en nuestro tiempo/ Troubadour's visit in our time) für Alt-Saxophon und Gitarre
    Josep Lluís Galiana Gallach (Saxophon), Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli (Gitarre)

  • Ariette für Klarinette und Gitarre
    Luis Fernández Castelló (Klarinette), José Luis Ruiz del Puerto (Gitarre)

  • Pinceladas sonoras para un Poeta (Sound Brushstrokes for a Poet) für Klavier:
    I. El Brusco (The Abrupt)
    II. El Tímido (The Shy)
    III. El Romántico (The Romantic)
    IV. El "Rabbiato" (The "Rabbiatic")
    Antonio Galera López (Klavier)

  • El Mediterráneo für Klarinette
    Luis Fernández Castello (Klarinette)

  • Divertimento a Tre Tempi für Klavier und Gitarre:
    I. Allegretto
    II. Largo
    III. Allegro
    Antonio Galera López (Klavier), Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli (Gitarre)


Um 15 Uhr (A las 15 horas/ At 15 o'clock) für Sopran-Saxophon und Gitarre:
The work tries to describe how could be the meeting of two musicians who are cited to rehearsing. They fi ght during the rehearse. In the last time, the guitarist plays the most strident atonal chords that he can, for enrage his colleague, and he succeeds! It is a cheerful, humorous and fun work to make music and have fun. It is dedicated to Detlef Bensmann. Released in BKA “Unerhörte Musik”/ Berlin.

SUITE MELÓDICA (Homenaje a Andrés Segovia) für Gitarre
is dedicated to Andrés Segovia. It is composed of three movements: Introduction, Invocation, and Funeral March/ Ritual Dance. The word Suite here is not identical with the baroque term “Suite”. Suite Melódica is only a reminiscence, an approach. The name Melódica is an appropriate choice for the title, as the central theme of the composition is the melody, which emerges imperiously, refusing to subordinate itself to any of the other musical elements. It is dedicated to Andrés Segovia, fervent lover of melody. Released on the 9th Festival de Música Contemporánea de Alicante.

Der in unsere Zeit zurückgekehrte Troubadour (La visita del Trovador en nuestro tiempo/ Troubadour's visit in our time) für Alt-Saxophon und Gitarre:
A Troubadour, Provencal poet of the Middle Ages, begs, the Almighty, permission to return to the world of mortals. He wants to experience life in the XXI century. The work describes the arrival of the Troubadour to our planet and the terrible “shock” he gets when he knows the way of life on the XXI century: Is so big the terror that causes on him, that imperiously begs to the Almighty to allow him to return immediately to Eternity. Since it, the troubadour intones a song of farewell to earth.
This composition offers the possibility that the interpreter running on the instrument all kind of watermarks; to apply all unimaginable technique in an extraordinary way. Versions for Flute or Saxophone E-flat are original for each of these instruments; were designed and developed for both instruments simultaneously. It is dedicated to Anette von Stackelberg and Detlef Bensmann. Released in BKA “Unerhörte Musik”/ Berlin.

ARIETTE für Klarinette und Gitarre
is a small Aria; simple, naive and loving. Between the two instruments it is engaged a colloquium, in which, the Clarinet exposes the main theme of “Ariette” matter “affettuosamente”; the guitar close in with a diverse and dynamic accompaniment, expressed “cantabile”. The guitar voice is written in the so-called “irregular value”: Triplets.
“Ariette” it is originally composed for Clarinet and Guitar. Subsequently, Ries & Erler Editorial released a second version for Clarinet and Piano.
“Ariette” has been released by the clarinetist Luis Fernandez Castelló and the pianist Antonio Lopez Galera on November 13, 2012 in Illusion-Art-Calpe.

Pinceladas sonoras para un Poeta (Sound Brushstrokes for a Poet/ Parody) für Klavier:
In this four times work, Pianist, has the opportunity to make enjoy public, not only with his greats techniques gifts, his wonderful phrasing or his rich dynamic, but he also entertain the public with his interpretative capacity, imitating the ABRUPT, the SHY, the ROMANTIC and the “RABBIATO”. The Abrupt! So terrible! He accents mistakenly! The Shy! To live in that way could be dangerous! The Romantic! It is so wonderful, to live contemplating everything in life under romanticism perspective! The “Rabbiato”! So dreadful! He is so angry that plays keys with fury! With Sound Brushstrokes for a Poet, the Pianist, will fell a great technical, a great actor, a great poet, but above all, a great Artist; who modelling the sound with skill through a very varied sound of palette, will transmit to the listener the great Art of Music. “Brushstrokes sound for a Poet” it is dedicated to Antonio Galera López. It has been released by Antonio Lopez Galera in November 13, 2012 in Illusion-Art-Calpe.

El Mediterráneo für Klarinette:
At dawn, in front of the Mediterranean – when the immensity of Sea is reaching its horizonwhere the sight can’t distinguish if the blue line that it descries is from the sea or from the sky, wavy strips are appearing, stained on very varied reds; they are small, medium, big, elongated like small ways of water lilies; they rock with subtlety, in the calm waves of the Mediterranean. In the centre of them, it is turning hesitant, a red point; slowly it is enlarged and immensely it accentuates its colour. Wavy stripes go away vibrant, as if they want to let space to the prevailing visitor. Little by little, it acquires the form of a gigantic, strong and powerful red ball. It is the Sun that rises majestically, illuminating the Earth, the planets, the sea, in this case, the Mediterranean!
In one of these poetic sunsets by the sea, hearing the birds sing, I composed “The Mediterranean”. In this composition can be heard several songs to the  Mediterranean, some of them, written syncopated. In others, dominate the righteous fl ourishes. These evoke the fast and jovial game of the undulating strips, which produced by the rays of rising sun, fl irts rhythmically, with the weak waves of the Mediterranean.
“The Mediterranean” is charged by Luis Fernández Castelló. It is dedicated to him, having premiered by himself in October 13, 2012 in Illusion-Art-Calpe.

Divertimento a Tre Tempi für Klavier und Gitarre:
It is composed by three times. Allegretto - Largo - Vivo. Stylistically they are completely different. Allegretto is a free evocation to Baroque. The second time, however, is a melismatic and cantabile Largo, where the main Theme will alternate between guitar and piano. In the two instruments voices, solo passages are interspersed. With these passages the performers can demonstrate their virtuosity. The third time is a Vivo, rhythmically is marked by compasses 3/8 and 6/8. This combination of compasses give an oscillating character, in spite, is a Vivo. The main Theme is alternate between guitar and piano, which it leave hearing in other tonalities / modalities, since around all the Divertimento background you can see a colorful modal.
“Divertimento a Tre Tempi” has been premiered by Antonio Galera López and by Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli, in October 13, 2012 in Illusion-Art-Calpe.